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In recent years aluminium has become the most popular material for both housing and commercial developments, particularly those at the premium end of the spectrum. This means there is an incredibly large range of product types and configurations available. It’s durable, has a high thermal efficiency and requires very little maintenance. Not to mention its amazing versatility; it is available in both traditional and contemporary profiles and in any RAL colour.

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A popular choice for those working to tight budgets and deadlines due to its fast turnaround times. It offers a high thermal efficiency, very good durability and can meet exact specifications. There are almost endless styles and configurations available and all can come in a wide variety of finishes. We supply
the Rehau profile as standard, but can also
supply other well known profiles, such as
Kommerling and Residence Collection.



In high demand for luxury developments and
a requirement for buildings in some conservation areas, timber offers a sense of solidity and tradition yet it boasts high thermal efficiencies that can give many modern products a run
for their money. Bespoke timber products
can be made to fit exact specifications and
their high quality finish and high perceived
value ensure that timber remains a popular choice.